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Maintenance & Care

Luxury Lawns Inc. synthetic grasses are virtually maintenance free. You can now enjoy having a beautiful green lawn all year round, that does not require any regular weeding, mowing or watering. Synthetic grass does still need some minimal care to maintain and extend the life and beauty of your lawn. The most important up keep we recommend is to remove anything from accumulating and rotting on the surface of the grass. (for example leaves, dirt, sticks) Taking good care of your new investment will maximize the long term look and life of your beautiful synthetic lawn.  

Environment & Safety

Luxury Lawns Inc. synthetic grass products are safe for your children, pets and the environment. Investing in synthetic grass will greatly affect conserving water, and eliminate water contamination from regular lawn products like pesticides and fertilizers. Synthetic lawn also benefits our air quality, eliminating gas powered lawn mowers and weed eaters that release carbon monoxide fumes and methane gasses from the grass clippings. Our synthetic grass is also hypo allergenic and fire retardant. 


Luxury Lawns Inc. offers a 8 year warranty on all our synthetic grass products. Your product warranty covers colour fading from UV light and durability against all climate conditions. Luxury Lawns Inc. uses fire retardant product that complies with ISO and SGS standards, from extreme heat to sub zero temperatures maximizing the life expectancy of your synthetic grass to 20 plus years with proper care. Luxury Lawns Inc. installation comes with a 1 year workmanship warranty that covers the base construction, seaming and edging.  

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