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Deciding to transform your yard using our synthetic grass is an excellent choice if you have pets. 

Our products are hypo allergenic so it wont be an irritant to your pets. 

Its durable enough to meet the needs of a playful active dog.

Annoying fleas, ticks and other pests that like to target your furry friends cannot survive in a synthetic environment.

Your pets urine will drain through the perforated backing. No more constant yellow grass and bare patches from your dogs urine killing your grass. Your pets paws will stay cleaner while going outside during rainy months that create mud in your yard or in their dog pen, and with a cleaner pet comes a cleaner home.


We encourage our pet owners to choose our pet deodorizer (zeolite) infill instead of regular sand infill in their dog pens, small yards where pets tend to use the entire yard to potty or in specific areas of the pets favourite potty spot. The pet deodorizer (zeolite) infill will control odors and it is safe for your pets and people. 


Having synthetic grass for your lawn when you have pets does come with some extra care and maintenance

We strongly recommend regularly cleaning up after your pets. During our dryer months we suggest you give your lawn a rinse with the hose on the main areas your dog uses to go potty once a week. This will rinse away any of the urine and little bits of feces that remain on your lawn. During rainy months there is no need for rinsing, just picking up after your pet on a regular basis will make it easier for you to scoop up whats sitting on top of your synthetic grass. Even with our pet deodorizer (zeolite) infill, it is still important to maintain the cleanliness of your lawn. 

If you do not have our deodorizer (zeolite) infill you can add the infill at any time, even after a completed installation. 

NEVER use bleach or any other household cleaning products, only approved cleaning deodorizers purchased from a local artificial grass supplier.

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